Monday, September 3, 2007

PH Marathon

Life is so surreal. Paradise Hotel is re-airing on Fox Reality for a Labor Day marathon. I woke up from a post-Baby's-First-Ballgame nap and was flipping channels, and there it was. I've watched this show in full twice...the first time, I was in the process of becoming a single mom and watching my friend Dave. The second time, I was holding my boyfriend Dave's hand as we watched the Reality Revealed version. Now, I just woke up next to my husband Dave and watched the "Charla says she's lonely"/"Dave is seen as whipped" segment. Shoot. Why couldn't I have turned it on during the "Dave kicks butt in tennis" piece? Gotta love reality tv.

I'm happy Dave had the PH experience. But I'm far happier that he's now married to me, with two beautiful daughters, and a very nice life. I love you, Dave...xoxo

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