Sunday, September 2, 2007

Day 9- Confessions of a PreSchool Drama Queen

In preparing for Baby's First Ballgame, I've been working a lot with baby pictures. In an effort to make sure I include Charlotte, I've also been using a lot of pics of her as the beautiful, amazing four year old that she is.

Well, today, I was uploading and selecting pictures for a slideshow, and she asks for paper and markers. THIS is what she drew, and taped on the door next to me.

"Mommy," she says very seriously.

"This is my broken heart. It's broken because you aren't using pictures of me."

"But Charlotte," I say, "Here are five pictures of you. Look, here you are with Sandy the Seagull. Here you are at our wedding".

"NO!" she screams... "I want a baby picture of me!"

And so, Miss Broken Hearted girl, here is a pic of you at your first ballgame. It was freezing cold, it was an exhibition game in DC, the first game at the Nationals new stadium. Nationals vs. Mets...and the Mets won. I was freezing and miserable. You were exhilarated and thrilled. You stayed through the whole game, screaming "Let's Go Mets". It was April 2005. You were almost 2. You were, and always will be, an amazing daughter, and, perhaps more importantly, an amazing Mets fan.

We love you, and we hope your heart heals soon.

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dan said...

I like this picture a lot.