Saturday, September 1, 2007

Day 8- Preparing for BFBG

Well, we're two days away from Baby's First Ballgame, and we've been preparing the promotions, video clips, music, and more. It's really fun putting together a promotion that is directly involved with your family (as opposed to our normal work stuff), and we think this one is going to be really terrific.

Now that I know how to make videos, I've gotten a little video happy lately. I recorded Charlotte as an attempt to make a little in-between innings video welcoming fans to Baby's First Ballgame. I decided it was a bit too was pretty redundant with a lot of the other stuff we're doing. However, she was so proud and worked so hard on it, I had to post it. Plus, I included the outtakes. It's cute.

I have to tell you, school/camp vacation is getting to me. I'm totally exhausted. I'm going to give every stay at home mom of multiple children who are not yet in school HUGE hugs when I see them! I need lessons!

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