Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Have you ever watched a show, and felt like you were going to have an anxiety attack because it was too close to home? Well, I watched Oprah's "REORGANIZE" show which featured people who lived in complete clutter, and I nearly lost my lunch! I mean, normally, I live in a perpetual state of "messy not dirty". Things on the table, toys on the floor, lots of laundry to be done. But lately, with the addition of a new child, and therefore new stuff, clutter has gotten out of control. Case in point:

WOWSA. Now, true, these pics were taken MID clean sweep, but still, it shows the amount of STUFF we've got going on in this small space. And so, on one special Sunday, Charlotte and I decided to reorganize. And so, we did:

What a fun day this was. While Dave worked (and Kate napped), Charlotte and I bonded through the art of organization. We attacked every room, and while there's still some work to be done, it's not disorganized anymore. When our sitter Sasha came over that night, she was totally impressed...and since she's a neat freak, I really considered that the stamp of approval.

Hurray for Charlotte and Carrie...the Organization Nation!

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