Thursday, September 13, 2007

Introducing...the HOOTER HIDER!!!!

I am thrilled to announce to the blogging community that I am now the proud owner of a "HOOTER HIDER". Yes, this is its actual name...a device created by some mom who is now a millionaire, I am sure. This is simply an apron with a trendy pattern on it, EXCEPT that the top has a wire in it, which enables the apron to stick OUT so you can see your child while you are breastfeeding. (As you can see, Charlotte is very interested in this feature.) Anyway, I paid $35 buckaroos for this thing, and it's worth every damn penny. I mean, can anyone tell I am breastfeeding here? I felt totally comfortable. This will extend my bf-ing for a bit longer, and also, I will continue to be stylish and chic. BRILLIANT!!! This mommy inventor gets the Carrie vote of confidence! I will pay 35 dollars for your silly piece of cloth any day of the week!!! YAY HOOTER HIDER!

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