Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 24- My first mommy friend EVER

Hi! Long time no update!

So, this weekend, we went to a birthday party of one of Charlotte's very first friends. Priya turned four, and was part of a playgroup that I joined when I first had Charlotte. This playgroup was incredibly meaningful to me, as I had no friends with kids at the time, and it was nice to just have some women to talk to about poopy diapers and crying and so much more. We all ended up being pretty good friends, and now, it is such a joy to get together with them.

Here is a pic of me and Kate with my VERY first of the mommy friends, Keisha. Keisha lived in my building when I first had Charlotte. We first became friends when she ran up to me and excitedly said "I'M PREGNANT!". Note: I did not even know her at the time, I was just carrying Charlotte in an infant seat. Keisha's warmth and willingness to share with me made us instant friends, and our children still love each other.

I miss you Keisha! It was great to see you and all the other mommies!!!

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