Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 15/16- Happy Birthday Mommy BFF!!!!!

Finally! A picture of mommy BFF! Day 15 of this weekend was my mommy BFFs Birthday, and so, in honor of all Mommy BFFs, I thought that I'd list some of the many reasons it's important to have a mommy BFF:

- You can discuss your children's doodies at length
- You can talk nonstop about your children without feeling weird
- You can use weird words, and its totally understandable b/c your kids use the same language (Helloieeeee)
- You understand each other
- You watch the same tv shows (when you get two seconds to watch tv) because your kids are on the same schedule
- They understand what its like to be married to Daddy BFFs
- They let you cry when you are freaking out over PreK, or when you think you are raising a monster
- They let you lose your patience, and never call you a bad mom
- They never judge.

Thank you Mommy BFF, and Happy BDAY!!!!

On Day 16, I went to brunch with my non mommy friends. This was equally fun and exciting. It's great not to talk about your kids once in a while, and discuss boyfriends, jobs, and life BEFORE kids!

Love to all friends, mommy or otherwise!

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Stacy M. said...

Yay! I made it to the Kerpen blog! Mommy BFFs also know how to make sure our kids stay BFFs so we will always be connected. xoxo