Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 7-The Times They Are A Changin'

(Note: When Mommy's camera is being used by theKbuzz staff, she resorts to her camera phone to capture moments throughout the day. I apologize in advance for the poor quality of this and future cameraphone Katie pics. I'll have my dig back soon enough.)
Things have changed a lot from the time when Charlotte was an infant. There are tons of new inventions for babies, lots of new toys, and even videos designed for teeny creatures. Considering Kate is most entertained by the sight of her own toes, I don't really buy into a lot of stuff.
Until, that is, Karen Kirschenblatt purchased the BUMBO as a gift for us. Yes, the BUMBO. What the heck is a bumbo, you ask? Well, I was kind of unsure myself, since they didn't make them in 2003 when Char was little. The Bumbo allows your child to sit up before sitting up is developmentally possible. I was quite skeptical about this contraption, but also quite intrigued. Today, Kate seems to really have mastered the "hold-your-head-steady" thing, and so, I promptly busted out the Bumbo.

I LOVE the Bumbo, and here's why. There's something very magical about when your child first sits up. It's like they're a real person, and not some lump of coal you have to lug around. And, while the Bumbo does not ACTUALLY mean that they are sitting, it feels like they are up and about, and able to see the world. And I think they feel it to. (At least Kate seemed totally entertained!)

So, thank you Karen Kirschenblatt! Kate loves her Bumbo, and so do I!

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