Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 1- Big Sister, Little Sister!

Welcome to the Kerpen blog!

As opposed to our Kblog, this is a personal blog designed to update friends, family and anyone else who cares about the Kerpens. Designed to chronicle our first year as a family of four, I hope I can keep it updated with lots of pictures and good stories.

I've posted a picture of big sister Charlotte and Little Sister Kate. Today was a nice day for the girls. I took a bunch of pictures of them snuggling today, and they were nice enough to put as part of the layout of this blog.

Do you ever wonder if a baby's temperament is indicative of their personality as a toddler/kid/adult? Kate is so calm, and so very sweet. I really hate the term "old soul", but I wonder what's going on in that relaxed little mind of hers. Goodness knows her parents are highly energetic, and would rarely be described as "calm". Her sister is certainly a ball of energy, and I'm pretty sure (although memories fade quickly-- and thus, the need for blogs is born) she was that way from the time she was born. Kate, however, is different. She seems like a totally chill, relaxed person. Is it strange to say that an 8 week old seems kind? I can't explain it, but she does. It's so fascinating to see kids grow up and watch them turn into people with real personality traits. Only time will tell...hope you stay with me for the journey!

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