Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 3-- The "I Hate Tummy Time" Club

Okay, so when we were kids, we slept on our stomachs.

And THEN, they come up with the "Back To Sleep" campaign to combat SIDS. Despite the theory given by my friend's hippy mom that SIDS being related to older flame retardant fabrics...(and the cover up of this is a huge government conspiracy), I comply with the doctor's orders. Kate is a "back to sleep-er".

Because she is a back to sleeper, tummy time becomes forced and a struggle. While Kate LOVES her playmat....lying on her stomach as she tries to do a push up? Not so fun. (Ah, memories of the 6th grade Ronald Reagan Presidential Fitness Test flashing before my eyes.)

She grunts. Pushes head up.

She groans. Head falls down.

She yelps. Turns head to side.

All while mommy snaps pictures and carefully watches to see when she can check off the box on the developmental chart that says "child rolls from front to back".

Anyway, here's a picture of Kate's tummy time today. She's getting much better, I think. A little less grunting, a little less groaning, a little more lifting. I guess it's just like personal training....the more you push, the more you try...the more results you see. Unfortunately, I've always hated the gym. Apparently, so does Kate.

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